Charity Hair Service's for the Homeless in Shelters!

Due to homelessness in the Seattle area, many go without the most basic of grooming needs which brings down a persons confidence when looking for employment, or seeking to accomplish other necessary accomplishments. Sometimes, just a small improvement  like a hair cut or hair color, can help to uplift a persons spirit to continue forward while living in a temporary situation. De'Nights of Course is a styling location for all. 

Those in need of proffesional services in shelters will be given specific cards to redeem services at De'Nights of Course. The salon will only withdraw from our GoFundMe funds to pay for services rendered to the homeless in shelters. 

You may help us raise funds to pay for services by donating to our GoFundMe page at...


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De'Nights of Course
4540 42nd Ave. S.W. Suite #132
Seattle, Washington 98116